Site news
20-09-2019: - Added the "Quests" and "NPCs" sections.
- Items, which could be obtained via quests or bought in shops, now have links to the related quests and NPCs.
- Fixed some missing stats for certain equipment items.
- Added the "Dungeons" section with drop lists for each dungeon.
- Added support for German and French languages.

01-09-2019: - Site launch.
Hello guys and welcome to the Astellia Codex - a database site for the western version of Astellia MMO! Here you'll find all kinds of information about the game's items, achievements, skills and a Skill Builder, recipes and a Craft Calculator as well as other useful stuff.
The site is currently in the very beginning of the development. Expect to see more content added weekly!
If you have any suggestions or bug reports feel free to post them at the site's forum or you can write to me (Kiriak#5590) directly in the Discord.