Site news
05-04-2020: - Added the Russian version of the site.

19-01-2020: - The database was updated to the latest version of the game.

03-12-2019: - The database was updated to the latest version of the game.
- Added the Miodan zone map into the World Maps menu.

19-11-2019: - The database was updated to the latest version of the game.

22-10-2019: - The database was updated to the latest version of the game.
- Added "Added in Patch" submenus for Items and Quests. You can use them to track newly added stuff.

21-10-2019: - Improved the search function of the World Maps. Now it returns results with multiple partial matches. For example, you can find the Eos Guard Captain by typing "eos cap" in the search field.
- Added stats and Deck Buffs to the Treasure type items. Not all treasures have stats listed. If you have such treasure in the game, please contact me in the discord, or post a screenshot of it in the comments and I'll add missing stats to the database.
- Added submenus to Items->Treasure menu to filter treasures by type.
- Added the Adventure (blue) quests submenu to Quests menu.
- Added the Deck Buffs quick filters for Treasures.
- Added the Astels section. It shows a list of all available Astels with ability to filter them by Grade, Type, Astel Class, Affiliation, Additional Damage Type and Deck Buffs. Quite useful to find out the maximum possible values of the certain deck buff. Combine it with a treasure and you'll get total maximum possible value.
- Added a lot of drop items to the drop tables. Some of the registered users are already helping me by adding the drop items to the database. Please join us and help to fill in the blanks. It's easy and helps the community.

12-10-2019: - Added world maps for 4 more zones.
- Added maps with all possible locations to the Gatherable Object pages.
- Added missing gatherable objects (mainly cooking ingredients) to the Gathering list.

09-10-2019: - The database was updated to the latest version of the game.
- Added locations of the gatherable resources to the world maps.
- Added Deck Effects to the Treasure type Items.

05-10-2019: - Added lists of possible stats for Runes and Star Jewels to the Item pages.
- Added ability to see the statsof the gear and number of required enhancement stones/gold on each enhancement level.
- Fixed missing materials in the Recipes section.
- Added links to the related achievements to the Item pages.
- Fixed some missing icons.

30-09-2019: After the last update I've realized, that even though the maps are there, it's still not very convenient to look for things while playing the game. So this time, I've added the World Maps menu.

Here you can select a map of desired zone and see all available locations of the NPCs and Objects. You can toggle the markers for NPCs/Objects separately and search trough them by name. Object markers have links to related Quests/Achievements in their tooltips (click on the marker to see one).

So if you want to look for Hidden boxes, uncheck the NPCs checkbox and type "hidden" into the filter. Want to see boxes located in the Breeze Forest only - type "breeze forest" into the filter and you'll see boxes related to that area.

Same method could be used to look for Ancient Monsters, Quest Objects or other NPCs.

27-09-2019: Hey guys! Today's update brings the zone maps with locations of NPCs and objects. At this moment, I've added maps of four major zones (Athlon, Lentuth, Ragferant and Randeilo). Other zones and Instances will be added as soon as I'll get access to them.

Not all NPCs and objects have their coordinates stored in the client, but major part does. So now you can go to the NPC/Object page and see a map with it's location. Also, if certain object is used in some quest or achievement, it'll have a link to the corresponding quest/achievement page and vice versa, achievement/quest pages will have links to the linked objects.

This should help you finding all those Hidden Boxes and compete blue quests. Hidden boxes all have the same name, but different IDs, so to find their location quickly, use the Achievements list, filter it by the zone name and see the link to the related Hidden Box on the achievement page.

If you want to help me adding the rest of the maps, please contact mi via the Discord (Kiriak#5590). To add a map I just need a few screenshots of the zone, so for any high level character it's easy to do.

And last, but not least, now the database is updated to the latest version of the game (previous one was based on the CBT2 data). So all new items, quests and achievements should be there.

20-09-2019: - Added the "Quests" and "NPCs" sections.
- Items, which could be obtained via quests or bought in shops, now have links to the related quests and NPCs.
- Fixed some missing stats for certain equipment items.
- Added the "Dungeons" section with drop lists for each dungeon.
- Added support for German and French languages.

01-09-2019: - Site launch.
Hello guys and welcome to the Astellia Codex - a database site for the western version of Astellia MMO! Here you'll find all kinds of information about the game's items, achievements, skills and a Skill Builder, recipes and a Craft Calculator as well as other useful stuff.
The site is currently in the very beginning of the development. Expect to see more content added weekly!
If you have any suggestions or bug reports feel free to post them at the site's forum or you can write to me (Kiriak#5590) directly in the Discord.