ID: 537871312
Upper Half of Counterespionage Agent's Records

Required Level: 1
CD: 2.0
While tracking down the records of Karza believers, I've discovered something rather peculiar about their actions. Only until 300 to 400 years ago, records show the Karza cult to be practicing its faith in a very moderate and open manner. They likely made contact with the aristocrats of Banon at that point in time. And thus, they unleashed poison upon this kingdom. They appear to have lured in the aristocrats with the promise of eternal youth and immortality. Aspects of the recruited nobles indicate some sort of actual increase in power, likely through demonification. Earliest records of the cult show demons at the center of the religion. Perhaps their zealous nature may originate from here as well. The only thing I've discovered thus far is that the highest positions are referred to as Oracles (prophets), one of whom is someone named Migera, who exerts significant influence across the organization. As the name appears all the way back to records dating 200 years, Migera is likely a demon. I've sent multiple agents undercover into the cult for a more in-depth investigation. However, as none of them have returned, I decided to infiltrate myself.
Buy price: 10 gold
Cannot be sold
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